In Conversation: Marco Eimermann on ‘Dipping Into the North’

Remote rural communities and the shifting global economy of mobility and extraction The following is an interview with Marco Eimermann, Assistant Professor of Geography at Umeå University in Northern Sweden. He has been working on Dutch lifestyle migration to Sweden for over a decade, work that has resulted in the collaborative collection with Dean Carson … Continue reading In Conversation: Marco Eimermann on ‘Dipping Into the North’

Practising the Good Life – New edited volume on lifestyle migration

Following the Practising the Good Life/The Good Life in Practices conference in Lisbon in October 2013, the organisers (Kate Torkington, Inês David and João Sardinha) have edited a volume of 14 papers, many of which are authored by LM hub members. The book is published by Cambridge Scholars:

New article by LM Hub member

A new article based on lifestyle migration research is published in the journal Mobilities. The full reference is: Marco Eimermann (2014): Flying Dutchmen? Return Reasoning Among Dutch Lifestyle Migrants in Rural Sweden, Mobilities, DOI: 10.1080/17450101.2014.980128 Abstract: This article aims to examine return reasoning among Dutch lifestyle migrant families in Hällefors, rural Sweden. It addresses two … Continue reading New article by LM Hub member

On measuring Lifestyle Migration and the case for a qualitative definition

By Aude Etrillard A few weeks ago, a query regarding the volume of Lifestyle Migration (LM) was made on the LM hub mailing list and tickled the interests of the hub members.  Undeniably, many of us seem to have been facing the challenge of evaluating the volume of the populations we are studying on our … Continue reading On measuring Lifestyle Migration and the case for a qualitative definition

Lifestyle migration to the North

By Marco Eimermann Recently, an article on Dutch lifestyle migration to rural Sweden was published in Population Space and Place. The abstract is posted here: Lifestyle migration is part of an ongoing quest for a better way of life. More or less affluent migrants moving to a destination with a perceived better climate are studied in … Continue reading Lifestyle migration to the North

Balancing mobility and moorings

By Karen O'Reilly I wanted to respond to Ulrika’s comment about the balance between mobility and moorings. I really like this phrase as for me it captures something I have long tried to say. My research has been of British living in Spain, and more recently British (and other Westerners) living in Malaysia and Thailand. … Continue reading Balancing mobility and moorings

Plotting lifestyle migration destinations

In the last few years, knowledge of the extent of Lifestyle Migration and related phenomenon has increased as researchers have come together through the Lifestyle Migration Hub and through various conferences, workshops and dissemination activities. This has led to the development of a mental map of the coverage of this form of migration, which has yet … Continue reading Plotting lifestyle migration destinations

Lifestyle Migration and Relative Affluence

by Michaela Benson Almost every summer, I receive a request from a magazine, newspaper, or other media outlet to talk about why British people move abroad. This is perhaps unsurprising given my academic expertise - I have been studying a phenomenon called lifestyle migration for ten years, ever since I started my PhD research on the British … Continue reading Lifestyle Migration and Relative Affluence