New article by LM Hub member

A new article based on lifestyle migration research is published in the journal Mobilities.

The full reference is: Marco Eimermann (2014): Flying Dutchmen? Return Reasoning Among Dutch Lifestyle Migrants in Rural Sweden, Mobilities, DOI: 10.1080/17450101.2014.980128


This article aims to examine return reasoning among Dutch lifestyle migrant families in Hällefors, rural Sweden. It addresses two questions: after migrating to Hällefors, what influences return reasoning among Dutch families? What does this imply for return migration and transnationalism within lifestyle migration research? The questions are addressed through analysis of Dutch migrant families’ narratives, collected in 2011 and subsequent years. The findings are related to issues of transnationalism and return migration within lifestyle migration research. As many of these intra-EU urban–rural migrants are seriously considering returning, this study draws attention to temporary lifestyle migration over longer periods.

Key words: Lifestyle migration, Return migration, Transnationalism, Narratives, Dutch families, Rural Sweden

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