Practising the Good Life – New edited volume on lifestyle migration

Following the Practising the Good Life/The Good Life in Practices conference in Lisbon in October 2013, the organisers (Kate Torkington, Inês David and João Sardinha) have edited a volume of 14 papers, many of which are authored by LM hub members. The book is published by Cambridge Scholars:

Picture of Practising the Good Life

List of Contents:

Introduction       – Inês David and Kate Torkington

Part 1: Seeking Idealized Lifestyles and Appropriating Place(s)

1.In Search of the Rural Idyll: Lifestyle Migrants across the European Union – Sofia Gaspar

2. Idyllic Seekers and Liminal Beings: Lifestyle Migrants in Central Portugal – João Sardinha

3. House Ownership Home or Away: Distributed Habitat as a Means of Negotiating Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Lifestyle Migrants’ Kinship – Alesya Krit

4. Pursuing the Essence of Existence: The Daily Quest of Utopian Migrants in Pucón, Northern Patagonia – Hugo Marcelo Zunino and Ieva Zebryte

 Part 2: Ageing and Lifestyle Mobilities

5. Understanding the Production and Performance Aspects of Lifestyle Mobilities– Ulrika Åkerlund

6. Being a Tourist–Being at Home: Reconstructing Tourist Experiences and Negotiating Home in Retirement Migrants’ Daily Lives – Stefan Kordel

7. The Myth of No Return? Why Retired British Migrants in Spain Return to the UK – Charles Betty and Kelly Hall

Part 3: Mediation of Lifestyle Mobilities

8. An Exploration of a Lifestyle Migration Industry – Inês David, Marco Eimermann and Ulrika Åkerlund

9. “The More Wine you Drink, the Better the French Sounds”: Representations of the Good Life within an Online

Community of Practice – Michelle Lawson

10. “Small Items for Sale; Moral High-horse I’m Trying to GetRid of”: Online Listserv Rhetoric in Expatria – Molly Clark-Barol, Casey McHugh and Roger Norum

Part 4: Language and Identity Practices in Lifestyle Migration

11. A Critical and Ethnographic Approach to Language Practices in Lifestyle Migrations – Aude Etrillard

12. “The Only Portuguese People I Know Speak English”: Lifestyle Migrants, Local Language Practices and Ambivalent Belongings  – Kate Torkington

13. Lifestyle Migrants in the Algarve (Portugal): A MultilingualChallenge? – Filipa Perdigão Ribeiro

14. Negotiating White Privilege: Whiteness and Lifestyle Migration in Ecuador – Matthew Hayes

One thought on “Practising the Good Life – New edited volume on lifestyle migration

  1. This book looks amazing. It is a pity it is so expensive. Can some of you share your papers via the hub? It will get you a wider readership! Just a thought….


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