New edited volume on lifestyle migration

Contested Spatialities, Lifestyle Migration and Residential Tourism

Edited by Michael Janoschka and Heiko Haas

Lifestyle Migration and Residential Tourism represent a major trend in individualized societies worldwide, which is attracting a rapidly growing interest from the academic community. This volume for the first time, critically analyses the spatial, social and political consequences of such leisure-oriented mobilities and migrations. The book approaches the topic from a multidisciplinary and international perspective, unifying different branches of research, such as lifestyle migration, amenity migration, retirement migration, and second home tourism. By covering a variety of regions and landscapes such as mountain and coastal areas, rural and inland communities this volume productively engages with the formal and analytical variations of the phenomenon resulting in an enriching debate at the intersection of different areas of research. Amongst others, topics like political contest and civic participation of lifestyle migrants, their impacts on local communities, social tensions and inequalities induced by the phenomenon, as well as modes of transnational living, home and belonging will be thoroughly explored.

This thought provoking volume will provide deep analytical and conceptual insights into the contested geographies of lifestyle migration and further knowledge into the spatial, social and political consequences of leisure-oriented mobilities. It will be valuable reading for students, researchers and academics from a plethora of academic disciplines.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction 

1. Contested Spatialities of Lifestyle Migration: Approaches and Research Questions Michael Janoschka and Heiko Haas 

Part 2: Conflicts and Frictions in Paradise 

2. The Gendered Spatialities of Lifestyle Migration Sheila Croucher 

3. Marrakesh Medina. Neocolonial Paradise of Lifestyle Migrants? Anton Escher and Sandra Petermann 

4. Territorial Disposession and Indigenous Rearticulation in the Chapala Lakeshore Santiago Bastos 

5. Lifestyle Migrants in Spain: Contested Realities of Political Participation Michael Janoschka and Rafael Durán 

Part 3: Conceptual Perspectives on Lifestyle Migration and Residential Tourism

6. Lifestyle migrants, the Linguistic Landscape and the Politics of Place Kate Torkington 

7. Utopian Lifestyle Migrants in Pucón, Chile: Innovating Social Life and Challenging Capitalism Hugo Marcelo Zunino and Rodrigo Hidalgo Dattwyler 

8. Quest migrants: French people in Morocco Searching for ‘Elsewhereness’ Catherine Therrien 

9. Second Home Expansion in Portugal: Spatial Features and Impacts Maria de Nazaré Oliveira Roca, Zoran Roca and Luís Costa 

Part 4: Emerging geographies of Lifestyle Migration and Residential Tourism 

10. Contested realities and economic circumstances: British later-life migrants in Malaysia.Paul Green 

11. Russian Second Home Owners in Eastern Finland: Involvement in the local community Olga Lipkina and C. Michael Hall 

12. Lifestyle Migrants in Central Portugal: Strategies of Settlement and Socialization João Sardinha 

13. ‘Living apart together’ in Franschhoek, South Africa’ The implications of second-home development for equitable and sustainable development Sanne van Laar, Ine Cottyn, Ronnie Donaldson, Annelies Zoomers and Sanette Ferreira 

Part 5: Epilogue 

14. Final reflections and future research agendas

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