New thesis on lifestyle mobility

By Ulrika Åkerlund The doctoral thesis ‘The Best of Both Worlds – Aspirations, Drivers and Practices of Swedish Lifestyle Movers in Malta’ have recently been published and is available in full text. (link: ) Abstract It has often been claimed that contemporary societies are shaped by globalization; the rapid interconnections of societies, economies, markets, … Continue reading New thesis on lifestyle mobility

Call for papers – NSTH 2014. Value Creation in Second Home Tourism: Exploring the Concept of Lifestyle

By Ulrika Åkerlund Welcome to submit abstracts for a special track on Value Creation in Second Home Tourism - Exploring the Concept of Lifestyle, at the 23rd Nordic Symposium of Tourism and Hospitality Research, Copenhagen 2-4 October. Deadline for submitting abstracts is May 1st, 2014. Please find the track description here:

Plotting Lifestyle Migration Part III: the Swedish in Malta

’Best of both worlds’ – balancing mobility and moorings Contributed by Lifestyle Migration Hub member Ulrika Åkerlund. In this, my first ever blog post, I will briefly present my case study of Swedish lifestyle movers in Malta, and also make a summary of some of the threads of my research. My academic background is in … Continue reading Plotting Lifestyle Migration Part III: the Swedish in Malta