About the Lifestyle Migration Hub Blog

Welcome to the Lifestyle Migration Hub Blog, a space where researchers working around the world will come together to discuss lifestyle migration and related phenomenon and to share the findings of their research with one another and the general public.

For further information about the Lifestyle Migration Hub, please visit the Lifestyle Migration Hub Homepage.


One thought on “About the Lifestyle Migration Hub Blog

  1. glad to be part of this hub..
    have coordinated 2 projects in Turkey,1. “The Economic and Social Impact of International Retirement Migration: An Empirical Research on Antalya and Its Districts” – TUBITAK Project.
    2. “A Comparison of Residence, Social Security and Citizenship Strategies of Turkish Return Migrants and Dutch Post-Retirement Migrants in Turkey”, Migration Research Program at Koc University Turkey (MIREKOC)https://www.academia.edu/2948543/Migration_in_Later_Life


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