Teaching on Lifestyle Migration

By Michaela Benson

For the last few years, I had the opportunity to teach lifestyle migration within the Tourism Geographies course run by the University of Western England, an opportunity that started with an invitation from Maria Casado-Diaz. Now that I have moved to the University of York, I have found opportunities to develop my teaching on this field, with the result that I get to (re)engage with a lot of literature that I have not looked at for years. At the moment, I am preparing a lecture specifically on International Retirement Migration to draw attention to the ways that life course may intersect with migration. I have had the pleasure of reading fellow hub members Caroline Oliver and Per Gustafson‘s excellent work on this topic. I am particularly excited about Caroline’s ideas of paradoxes of ageing within retirement migration, and Per’s emphasis on the multiple ways that transnational life among these populations is constituted. Next up is Heiko Haas’ new paper on volunteering among the British in Spain.

I would really like to know, how and in what ways, other people are using lifestyle migration and related migrations in their teaching and what resources they are drawing on in this.

One thought on “Teaching on Lifestyle Migration

  1. This is a very light comment and not really addressing what you are asking but… when I taught a course on lifestyle migration a few years ago, the students had an assignment about the lifestyle migration hub. They had to investigate and evaluate the hub pages and to investigate in more detail the work of a 2-3 hub members whom they found particularly interesting. The assignment turned out to be very successful and the students enjoyed it. It was a fun way to give them an overall impression of what is being done on this field.


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