Welcome to the Lifestyle Migration Hub Blog

This is the first post, so I will keep it brief. This is a blog where scholars working on lifestyle migration – broadly defined as the migration of relatively affluent individuals in search of a better way of life – will be able to share their thoughts on this social phenomenon and the findings of their research among such populations around the world. The blog serves a further purpose in bringing research on this area into the public arena. Please bear with us while the blog takes shape!

One thought on “Welcome to the Lifestyle Migration Hub Blog

  1. Hello to All,
    Thanks for such a platform to share ideas and news about the lifestyle migration. I will try to let you know what is going on about this phenomenon in Turkey, a margin country on the lifestyle migration map of Southern Europe!

    Here is a source which might be interesting for those who are interested in the German community in Turkey. A film titled “Auf nach Alanya! Neue Heimat Türkei”

    There is an enlarging German population year by year on the Mediterranean and Aegean coastal zone of Turkey. This film focuses on the life and experiences of the German migrants in case of Alanya, a destination which is called “The Little Germany in Turkey”, However, it is also getting popular for the Scandinavian migrants in the recent years.

    For info, you can visit:

    Click to access Alanya-deutsch.pdf

    …and the film is in parts at youtube.com

    For the first part:



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